Welcome to Joshua Creek Church in Mississauga, Ontario

Joshua Creek Church (most of us just say JCC!) is a wonderful group of people sharing together in a journey of friendship, spiritual growth and meeting needs in our communities and internationally.

We welcome folks to our Sunday worship gatherings as well as events and activities throughout the week.

New - Started in June!

Looking for some good reading material?

Check out Hardy's Book List!

We are going to try to have at least one book review per month.

Upcoming Services and Special Events


    ● Sunday, Sept. 9
    ● Sunday, Sept. 16
    ● Sunday, Sept. 23
    ● Sunday, Sept. 30
    ● Sunday, Oct. 7
    ● Sunday, Oct. 14
    ● Sunday, Oct. 21
    ● Sunday, Oct. 28
    ● Sunday, Nov. 4
    ● Sunday, Nov. 11
    ● Sunday, Nov. 18
    ● Sunday, Nov. 25
    ● Sunday, Dec. 2
    ● Sunday, Dec. 9
    ● Sunday, Dec. 16
  10:00am - 12 Noon

Location: Thorn Lodge Public School

Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018
  6:00pm - 9:00pm

As usual, we will enjoy a pot luck dinner followed by a discussion of the book "small great things" by Jodi Picoult  Please bring a dish to share!

Location: Cindy's Place

Sunday, Nov. 18, 2018
  10:00am - 12 Noon
Location: Thorn Lodge Public School


At Joshua Creek Church we are "friends" journeying and working together with Christ to establish His Kingdom on earth. Whereever people live, play and work, that's where we want to shine the light of Christ and share His love for all.

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