Heart Comonos Community Outreach Program


  • You want to meet people who live in your neighbourhood
  • You want to have conversations about things that are important to you
  • You’re ready for some relaxing and fun activities like ‘Music In The Park’, Salza or Bollywood Dance.
  • You want to share your gifts, skills, knowledge or passions to help make your community the most caring and fun place to live - like Community Gardening or a Park Cleanup or helping out with food and clothing collections for neighbours here or around the world who are hurting.

Welcome to Heart Comonos! We are a neighbourhood organization in Cooksville-Mississauga and surrounding area that connects people and creates activities and programs that help to make life better for everyone.  CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE filled with many events and register for something that sparks your interest! We look forward to meeting you and invite you to join us on this exciting adventure!

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Heart Comonos is supported and funded by Joshua Creek Church


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